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1Nation [Urban Myth] has a new album, and it is awesome. Indulge me a moment, and I’ll tell you why this is a must-listen-to album for any music lover.

The six tracks are:

  1. Una Nena Bonita ft. Juanma Martinez
  2. The One I Want
  3. Ella Mueve Su Cuerpo
  4. Provócame
  5. Bailar
  6. Livity 

The moment you listen to this duo’s The One I Want, you will be hooked. It is definitely a song you would hear in the club on a Saturday night in Miami. If you are into fresh techno beats and sensual vocals, look no further. Bailar is also a song that will make you sway back and forth all night. 1Nation [Urban Myth] definitely knows how to make the perfect nightclub beats. If you are looking for new material for your lackluster party playlist, you have just hit the jackpot. These sounds are obscure enough that you won’t have to worry about overly played, repetitive songs, but cool enough that they will blend right in and make everyone get up on the dance floor. So if you haven’t checked them out yet, do so now! They will make your party or workout one for the books.


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