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Hola Mi Gente, Cómo estan?

I just want to start off by saying, “Hello!” and giving you a warm welcome to Latin é!

Ada RojasI hope that you are all enjoying the new look of the site, as well as all of the amazing and relevant content it has to offer just as much as I am. I am extremely excited to be an official contributor for Latin-é and I am very much looking forward to this great opportunity.

Before I give you more details on what my role will be as a contributor, I must ease your curiosity by sharing more information about myself. My name is Ada V. Rojas and I am currently a student and blogger living in New York City. I am a proud Latina – Dominican to be exact, with an immense love and adoration for fashion and all things beauty. I am the girl who everyone calls on for styling tips as well as the run down on the proper way to apply makeup, amongst other things. I like to describe myself as a creative soul, with an outgoing and charismatic personality to match. I enjoy long walks on the beach (I really do!) and basking under the warm sun. Too bad that neither of those two things are at my immediate disposal here in the city, but being able to have a bodega, hair salon, and restaurant serving $6 home cooked meals on every block in Washington Heights surely makes up for it.

Just like any other young and ambitious Latina, I am on a quest to define success in my own terms and fulfill all of my dreams. My relentless determination to succeed and accomplish my goals has led me to live in more places that I can name, thus resulting in the creation of my blog, Gypsy in the City. I started in 2009 as a creative outlet for all things that inspire me. It is a life and style blog chronicling my crazy journey in the beautiful city of New York amongst other things. I love being able to give my readers a glimpse into my not-so- perfect world as I work hard for my righteous throne among the elite in the concrete jungle.

My role as a contributor for Latin é, will consist of covering topics that are relevant to both you and I like careers, education, and life. As a fellow American Latina, I can relate to your struggle of trying to find a balance between your Latino culture and Americanized customs. My ultimate goal as a contributor is to relate and inspire. I want to inspire and challenge you to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more all while being proud of your Latin culture.

With all that being said, consider me your sassy Dominican sidekick as we both navigate this New Year together and aim for success. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them down below, or email me at Stay tuned, for this is just the beginning of something great!

Wishing you all the best!


Ada Rojas

To read more of Ada’s blog you can go to Gypsy in the City or follow Ada Rojas on Twitter @gypsyinthecity



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