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Music | Alejandro Fernández and Universal Music Group Joined Forces

Alejandro Fernandez

When you combine the talented and business savvy Alejandro Fernández with the prestigious leader in entertainment, Universal Music Group, you’re destined for greatness. While Fernández is a successful artist and co-founder of Grupo Fernández, a group of 20 companies that work on production, promotion, as well as A&R, UMG is responsible for the world’s favorite music for the last 100 years. This dynamic duo joined forces to produce the birth of a new breed of music talent!

Infinity is the name of the breed born into greatness and Carlos de la Torre Jimenez, the current CEO of Grupo Fernández, will also be in charge of Infinity, UMG’s new joint venture in Mexico. Infinity, which will celebrate its kickoff with David Bisbal’s upcoming tour, will allow for endless opportunities to find all sorts of entertainment, adding to the diversity of the business and pleasing a wide range of audiences.

With two powerhouses in the music industry, Infinity is bound for never-ending possibilities…and we can’t wait!

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