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Alla Fine Del Mondo Eros Ramazzotti

Eros Ramazzotti‘s long-awaited album, Perfetto, is just around the corner, but fans everywhere can breathe a little easier now that the first single has dropped. Alla Fine del Mondo is a surprising song, but it does not disappoint.

Eros might be Italian, but he hasn’t become one of the most popular Spanish music artists for nothing. Indeed, Alla Fine del Mondo has the perfect blend of folk and modern country sounds, with an acoustic accompaniment that makes this song catchy from its opening notes.

The song explores the theme of what one would do for love… Would you go to the ends of the earth? Battle dangerous creatures? What would you do to follow your dreams?

It’s easy to see why Ramazzotti is so popular in the Spanish community.

Along with the single, Eros launched a video directed by Jacopo Rondinelli, which was shot between the Almeria desert in Spain and the suburbs of Milan. The video follows a child through his imaginary world, as he dreams of being a sheriff in a western film, and goes on to become the hero of his story. He successfully rescues a beautiful girl from two villains, and manages to live happily ever after at a school party. The perfect balance of reality and whimsy, this is one video we won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Eros’ last album went Platinum in Spain and topped charts around the Latin world, and we’re willing to bet that Perfetto will do the same.

If nothing else, this video-song combo has us convinced.

EROS RAMAZZOTTI – Alla fine del mondo from jacopo rondinelli on Vimeo.


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