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Los Tigres del Norte is energizing their musical following with their new single “Ataúd.” This new single is a heartbreaking and emotional song that captivates audience, but the music doesn’t stop there. The beautiful and emotional song has also sparked renewed interest in the #1 US Billboard hit for Top Latin Album, Los Jefes de Jefes. Amidst the excitement over “Ataúd” and refreshed enthusiasm for Los Jefes de Jefes, fans are in for an additional treat on “LA VOZ MEXICO 2016.” Jorge and Hernán of Los Tigres will represent the group as coaches, and the norteño music group will find talented young singers to dominate the competition. The thrill and success that “Ataúd” has created for Los Tigres heralds in an age of renewed popularity for the group, and maybe even a new chart topping album in the future!

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