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Jencarlos Canela Bajito

Jencarlos Canela’s new single, Bajito, featuring guest artist Ky-Mani Marley, explores a more urban side of the artist, mixing both reggae and tropical styles. This endeavor paid off for Canela, who has a single that is sexy, sultry, and dripping with heat.

The release lines up perfectly with his recent announcment that he will be starring in the new NBC series, Hot & Bothered, alongside the impressive Eva Longoria (who is also the executive producer of the show). The show, scheduled for release in early 2016, will follow the story of a telenovela superstar and her “lively family of cast and crew all competing to steal the spotlight.”

When asked, Canela said,  “I’m in love with this project, it’s truly a dream come true when you can do what you love, alongside the people you admirer. Thank you to NBC and Eva Longoria for this incredible opportunity.”

This new opportunity is a big one for 26-year-old Canela, who already has more than 100 million views on VEVO and YouTube and more than eight million followers across all of his social media platforms.

For more information and to connect with Jencarlos Canela, check him out on Facebook and Twitter.

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