Cambio de Papeles is the latest collaboration of Luis Coronel and Cornelio Vega Jr. The two are considered as among the hottest young Latin artists of today’s breed of musicians. Correspondingly, the music video achieved an outstanding success in the Youtube arena. Cambio de Papeles first aired on March 17 in Youtube Channel Gerencia 360 and gained tremendous popularity with views that swelled over a million views in less than a week.

Cornelio Vega Jr. and Luis Coronel are two of the most promising Mexican artists of today’s generation. Both singers are popular Youtube sensations. As a matter of fact, Cornelio has more than 650,000 subscribers in his personal channel.  Their popularity among “mexilenials” throughout Mexico and beyond the border propelled Cambio de Papeles in the hit charts.

Fans and enthusiasts of regional Mexican music alike have long been craving for Cambio de Papeles. Both Cornelio and Luis wittingly employed their social media influences to tease their fans on their upcoming collaboration. This created excitement throughout their social networks and restless anticipation among their followers. To date, the music video now has almost 7 million views.

Cambio de Papeles

The music video shows a more mature side of the two young artists. A sure refreshment to the eyes of their fans, Cambio de Papeles shows Cornelio and Luis’ effectiveness in playing out sophisticated roles especially in their music videos. The song deals with love, infidelity, and karma. Interestingly, the video illustrates an amusing twist in the scenes of the story.

About the Artists

“A Partir de Hoy” was Cornelio’s first Youtube video. Luis on the other hand, was discovered particularly by Del Records when he uploaded a video of him singing a song to his girlfriend inside a boxing gym. Moreover,  Cornelio Vega Jr. has been known for his songs “Te Fuiste Con El” and “Ya Te Perdi La Fe“. Whereas Luis Coronel was famous for his singles titled “Lo Mejor Que Me Ja Pasado“, “Tu Boca Me Hipnotiza“, and “Mi Nina Traviesa“.

Music aside, Luis Coronel’s other love is boxing. In fact, it was a boxing gym where he recorded one of his first music videos that led to Del Records discovering his talent in singing. Diversely, Cornelio Vega Jr. was born and raised in music. His father, Cornelio Vega Sr., groomed and trained him to play the accordion, guitar, drums, and bass. Apart from being a singer, the artist is a talented songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

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