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Chix is a green eatery committed to providing folks with Latin flavors that are delicious, affordable, and quick, not to mention healthy.  

Walking into the restaurant, I was greeted by a well-lit room filled to bursting with a bright latin beat. Quick and casual, I got right down to ordering and found myself seated in a few short minutes, my black bean bowl in front of me.

The bowl is made up of layers: First, the brown rice base, which clashes a bit with the sweet corn spread on top of it. Then, the thick and creamy black bean hummus, and, topping the whole thing off, a layer of fresh and crunchy lettuce and tangy tomatoes.  

The elements come together to create a fresh tasting salad, but I found that the flavors clashed a bit too much for my taste. The black bean hummus was good, but it had a glue-like consistency that made the whole thing less appetizing.

While I appreciated what Chix was trying to do, this dish just didn’t hit home with me.

Next time, I’d be better off just making my own black bean bowl.

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