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All spring, we’ve been tuning in to watch the new E! show, Christina Milian Turned Up, and we’re excited to see it come back on air this fall. So, in preparation for that happy day, we’ve brought you the inside scoop on one of the stars, Danielle Milian herself. This is one interview you won’t want to miss…

What is it like being a new mommy? How have you changed? 

Busy! My baby girl is already on the go and making so many changes. I’m working as much as possible these days. When your family is growing I think every parent wants to make sure there is always a good foundation.

Can you share your favorite moment or story from filming Tuned Up with us?

My favorite moment was in Palm Springs by far. It was such a beautiful moment and that Michael Costello dress was amazing!

You share so much on TV about your personal life and are open with your struggles. We know relationships aren’t easy. What advice do you have to keep the relationship healthy and working with your significant other?

rs_560x415-150226092418-DanielleMarriage is a learning process! Be open to learning, be receptive, and don’t be afraid of communicating your needs.

What is one of your favorite Cuban dishes? Are you able to find any good Latin places to eat in Los Angeles?

Picadillo is not a fancy cuban dish, but it tastes like home. That’s why I never order it while eating out! Versailles is the closest thing to a good cuban meal in LA – our options are few and far between. Now, if you are looking for good Mexican food, you came to the right place.

Your passion is hairstyling and now you are blogging for Latina Magazine! How did you know that was a career you wanted to pursue? Were you always interested in hair? Any hair beauty tips for our readers? 


Healthy hair is the best hair. No box dye and no burning! My blog focuses on  highlighting a range of products at every price point.

And, just for fun – what’s your guilty pleasure TV show?

My guilty pleasure is Love and Hip-Hop, I love to hate some of the characters which makes them my favorite!

Thanks! We’re looking forward to seeing you on our television screens again very soon! 

For more news on E! Christiana Milian Turned Up follow the show here or follow Latin é for the latest updates from the Latino Entertainment world.  


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