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David Saldaña

David Saldaña is from Austin, Texas by way of Portland, Oregon. He started performing and writing as a teenager and made a bunch of goofy short films with his buddies. Also, he graduated from the University of Texas with a BA in French.

Furthermore, after college, David spent five years as a performer in Austin’s theater and comedy scenes. He was a company member at the critically acclaimed Vortex Theater where he participated in several original and adapted productions. Then, after burning out as an actor David moved to the Pacific Northwest where he slung espresso and took up martial arts.  It wasn’t long before David’s creative desire returned and he got serious about screenwriting.  Also, he hit the woodshed and has written a pile of features and pilots. Along the way, David married, started a family, and relocated to Los Angeles where, apart from making movies, he plays music and teaches the Brazilian art of Capoeira. And in fact, committed to bringing quality and meaningful works to the screen. In addition, he is a co-writer and a co-producer of the movie Rich Kids.

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