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Summer is when everything feels hotter…the sun, the adventures, and even the romances. The single, Daydreamer, off of Almas Band’s 3rd album, Entre Luz y Sombra, tells the story of a woman named Isabelle who takes the heat of her love to a whole new level.

Daydreamer takes you to the French Quarter, the oldest neighborhood in the city of New Orleans; imagine women dolled up in their Sunday’s Best, holding up their umbrellas to ward off the summer heat. The single was influenced by Dixieland, a.k.a. trad jazz, and contributes to the song describing the band’s relationship with New Orleans and its music. The traditional sound was modified in order to fit the instrumentation of the band, so the clarinet was substituted with a saxophone and the banjo was replaced by the Venezuelan “cuatro.” Although Daydreamer is a song with a chilled out sound, perfect for a summer road trip, the lyrics portray Isabelle’s decision to kill a man–all in the name of love.

We’re excited to turn up the summer heat with Daydreamer, and now you can too!

Stay tuned for an éxclusive interview that we’ll be having with Almas Band later this year.

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