éNTERTAINMENT | De Camino Pa La Cima

J Alvarez

Argentina welcomed Latin urban artist, J Alvarez, on August 11th for his show, De Camino Pa La Cima, to be performed at the renowned Luna Park Stadium. The long awaited event was accompanied by the latest technology in audio, visuals, and special effects, making for a top level event that fans would never be able to forget! J Alvarez’ set list included more than 20 of his songs including hits like La Pregunta, Regálame Una Noche, and La Temperatura. Alvarez’ performance at Luna Park isn’t the last we will hear from him–after the announcement of his concert months ago, more than 3 other Reggaeton concerts have been announced.

Sometimes too much of a good thing (especially when it comes to listening to the voice of J Alvarez) isn’t a bad thing!


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