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é: How do you think growing up in Los Angeles influenced you as an individual? What challenges did you encounter growing up?

Desiree: Growing up in LA, I was influenced more by the urban parts than the glamorous parts. I loved hip hop and R&b, street art, and the culture in my community.

I grew up in a single parent environment, and we struggled financially, but somehow we made the best of everything. I had a lot of insecurities that I struggled with, but personal insecurities will always be something I have to overcome.

é: You discovered the genre of music bachata through Prince Royce’s “Stand by Me.” Is he an artist you look up to? Are you a fan of other bachata artists?

Desiree: Prince Royce is someone I definitely look up to! He’s very successful and he is very young! He has worked hard and wonderfully, his career boomed very rapidly. Every bachata artist brings a different and unique element to the genre that I admire, from the pioneers such as Luis Vargas and Anthony Santos, to the more modern artists such as Toby Love and Romeo Santos, I love and respect them ALL!

é: Being a powerful Latina in the music industry how has your Mexican heritage influenced you as an artist?

Desiree: Estoy tan orgullosa de ser Latina en Los estados unidos. It’s a huge blessing to be able to mesh cultures and traditions. The greatest influence on me would be Speaking and singing in Spanglish as I do in my music.

é: What are your career goals during the next five years?

Desiree: There are so many goals! But I definitely want to win a grammy! It’s every artists dream. I have a couple of artists in mind that I hope to collaborate and make music with in the near future. And someday I’d like to merge into other creative art forms like acting.

é: Being a fashionista, how would you describe your fashion style?

Desiree: I would define my style as “simple and fun.” Right now I am addicted to black and white, and I love simple dresses, that have one unique factor to them, such as a high slit, or unique cut. I love the simple, but I don’t like boring, there has to be something about the outfit that makes it special.

é: We love your remake of “Don’t Speak.” Were you always a No Doubt fan? What projects do you have in store for your fans this year?

Desiree: I have been a fan of No Doubt since I was able to buy music! From the lyrics, to Gwen’s vocals, and the funky rhythms, they can do no wrong. This year we are releasing a lot more new music, playing with a little more r&b sounds. And preparing a promotional tour.

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