Fans of Bachata music are sure in for a good treat. Bachata Heightz and Luis Vargas worked together to pool in their harmonized talents and produce their amazing rendition of “Dile la Verdad“. The story of the music video revolves around a pair of beautiful young women who came in acquaintance with Luis Vargas. The women were tempted to spend the night in the new guy’s apartment.  To their surprise, they were confronted by someone who seems to be one  of the girls’ boyfriend the next morning right after theyr were dropped off by Luis.

Putting the story aside, the music video offers smooth and relaxing guitar and vocal play coming from two of the Dominican Republic’s renowned music artists. The music video has now reached over 1.3 million views as of this writing. The smooth bachata song can be enjoyed on the offical Youtube channel of Bachata Heightz which currently has a growing number of subscribers.

About the Artists Behind “Dile La Verdad”

Bachata Heightz is an all male bachata group that was founded in the heart of Manhattan, New York. The group is comprised of five talented Dominican music artists who share a common passion for bachata music. The group performs with three vocals, a guitar, and a bass. Their music highlights a strong influence from hip-hop, R&B, and tropical genres. Bachata Heightz released their debut single “Me Puedo Matar” way back in 2009 which proved to be a big hit in the music charts. The said music was made possible through the creative collaboration with their fellow Dominican music artist Hector Acosta. In the same year, Bachata Heightz signed their first recording contract with Sony Music that paved way to the production of their very first full-length albumThe First“.

Luis Vargas on the other hand, works on a solo career which began when he was taught how to play the guitar by a local musician. He worked his humble beginnings on his own where he produced and promoted his very first single all by himself. Later on, his music began filling the local airwaves through the support of various local artists. And it wasn’t long when his bachata harmony caught the attention of Sony International that signed him a recording contract in 1996.

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