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beautiful-woman-body-quotesHi Latin é readers! I’m Carla Ortiz, fashion and cocktails blogger over at Haute Cocktail and owner of dress and skirts boutique Cherries & Olives. Over the next couple of months I’ll be sharing with you some of my fashion and styling knowledge. Hope you enjoy it!

What’s your body type? Sometimes, by saying that you are Latina, the world expects a certain type of body. Maybe with big breasts à la Sofia Vergara or a big booty à la Jennifer Lopez. In reality, us Latinas come in all shapes and sizes like the rest of the world. We may have a big bust and we may have a big derriere, but we can also be very slim and tall à la Zoe Saldana or petite à la Salma Hayek. Again, we are not only one type of body. Being able to objectively look at the contours of our bodies and identify it will empower us to dress appropriately and enhance our assets, making us look and feel beautiful.

Today, I’ll help you identify your body type so you can start learning what are the shapes and styling tricks that work best for you. In the next posts, I’ll share with you an outfit that matches one of the body types for you to find inspiration and steal some tricks from. Now, let’s get started…

Look at the picture below and identify your body type (having a measuring tape and measuring the bust, waist and hips will help you be more accurate!). After the jump I’ll explain each body type to help you with your assessment. Note: Your body type may change depending on weight gain/loss and athleticism.

Hourglass: Your breast and hip areas are about the same size with a smaller waist

Inverted Triangle:

Your bust is considerably bigger than your lower body


You are lean and there is no waist line definition


Bigger hips and thighs than upper body


The mid body is larger than the upper and lower body


Full-bodied women with a rounder torso

When I was a teenager I was definitely an hourglass. However, now with a couple of extra pounds I’m more of a triangle. Which one are you?

Fore more tips go to Haute Cocktail and online store Cherries and Olives .

Happy Haute Cocktailing,



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