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Dosis De Mí Album Released

Last week, LYNX released his newest album, “Dosis De Mi,” which promises to offer fans a more in-depth look into the artist’s life and passions. According to him, “this is my story and I’m going to share it with 100% authenticity.”

“Dosis De Mí” also introduces audiences to dark bachata music, especially in songs like “Pena de Muerte.”

LYNX said, on the subject of this darker vein of music, “I do not believe that songwriters should be limited when it comes to creating and this is a perfect example of that. Out of box creations are eternally engraved in my mind and I am only getting started. Change is good, and I think that the genre of bachata needs it, in order to keep moving forward.”

Going forward, we hope to see and hear a lot more of the edgy side. What do you think? Take a listen here.

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