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Born in Medellin, Colombia on June 5, 1985 to the name of Adrian David Gomez… His Love for music began at a young and tender age of just 4 years old. Inspired by his father who, along with family and friends, began teaching him the cultural basis of Colombian music… like cumbia, salsa, merengue, and of course what became his favorite, vallenato; he began singing and imitating some of his favorite singers such as Diomedes Diaz (vallenato) and Eddie Santiago (salsa).

At the age of six his family made the move to New York City to pursue a better life and to give Dyverse a better future…. Six months later his parents would decide to move and reside in Miami, FL where to this day he still lives. His passion for music grew as he was exposed to a totally different and more DIVERSE cultural expansion of music in Miami… His open mind helped him open up to music such as soul, R&B, hip-hop, 50’s doo woop (which is his favorite) salsa, merengue, reggae, reggeton, etc.

Through out his school years he was involved in all types of entertainment activities, where he developed his skills as an entertainer; developing talents as a singer, songwriter, actor, and dancer/choreographer to evolve into the “Dyverse” person he is today. His exposure to Hispanic National TV, commercials, short films, and video cameos led him to pursue his dream as a singer… Taking a break from music for a couple of years, only to come back stronger and more focused than ever. Having worked with many urban Latin names in the industry, he now feels comfortable enough to pursue his solo career as an urban pop/r&b/and reggae bilingual singer. Captivating the attention of audiences with his melodic singing and his skills as a dancer, his debut album “Journal of a Heartbreak” will give the Critics and his fans a lot to talk about. They keep on wanting more from him as a young face for the up and coming artists in the Urban Latin World.

We had a chance to catch up with up and coming Latin urban pop artist Dyverse to talk to him about music, career and his background.

é: How did you get the nickname Dyverse?  Is it because of all the different places you have lived?

Dyverse: Well Dyverse was actually given to me by a good friend of mine… its not because I’ve lived all over the place at all LOL… It was actually more along the lines of my friends taking notice of the type of person I’ve grown to become. I’ve always been interested in doing many things, taking the time to perfect them and do them all as perfectly as I could. You could say I’m a bit of a perfectionist! Diverse or Dyverse, because of how I decided to spell it, is basically a proper nickname for my many talents… I am a Singer, a songwriter, a dancer, an actor, a DJ, and a poet… Oh yeah, and I am a Martial Artist! LOL! So being a well-rounded person that way I guess just allowed me to become or, well, to get nicknamed DYVERSE.

é: How has your Latino culture influenced you as an artist or as a person?

Dyverse: Being Latino is something that I am VERY PROUD TO BE!!! I am Colombian born and U.S. raised… BUT nonetheless I DO NOT forget my culture or where I came from. That is also a lot the fault of, or having to do with, my Mother. She made sure to NEVER allow me to forget who I was and where I came from. LOL. I was not allowed to speak English at home with her. Being Latino and growing up in a Latino based town, such as Miami, gave me the character, the knowledge, the love, and the open mind to always use that heritage in my everyday life. From the music I make, the way I dance, music I listen to, and even to the way I treat others, believe it or not! As an artist being bilingual helps me understand and love all types of music so much… I wouldn’t want it any other way!

é: Your music is very energetic. How would you describe your genre?  (

Dyverse: I just make music from the heart… Music people can relate to. If the audience appreciates it and relates to it that’s a blessing to me. If they don’t then that’s also fine by me, LOL. Not everyone will like you, or the stuff you do. But I ALWAYS make sure I stay true to myself, and what I love doing. My music can be a mix of bilingual pop, reggae, dance hall and R&B. I write verses from life long experiences.

é: What activities can we expect from you this year?  Or in the near future?  What your plans/goals for your career?

Dyverse: This year I hope to release a couple more EPs, to be available for download on all Major Digital Retailers and Distributors such as iTunes, Rhapsody, etc. I plan to keep evolving as an artist, and keep working with different artists on many projects. I most definitely wanna get back to doing more acting; I love that acting game. And hopefully take my music to other countries, and travel tearing up concerts and stages one show at a time. =)

é: What is your favorite thing to do in Miami?

Dyverse: I love doing adventurous things… I mean there is sooo much to do in Miami. I love beaching it out (going to the beach) lol. I barely go out dancing or to clubs but when I do I go all out!!! I love practicing my martial arts in my spare time. I can only keep getting better. Oh and I love going out to different restaurants and eating, lol. I love fine dining!

é: Any last messages to your fans?

Dyverse: I wanna thank absolutely every single person that has supported my career thus far, and continues to do so. It is a blessing to do what I do, and my fans/friends/family make it so much more worth while when they just keep believing in me. I can only be grateful, keep doing what I do, and hope that more people keep listening to my records and keep loving what I do with my life. STAY TUNED for better things to come. Bless! -DYVERSE

For more information about Dyverse you follow him on Twitter @Dyverse_Music, or like him on Facebook /DyverseMusiq.

You can also listen to his music on  Sound Cloud – Click Here

 By Adrienne Oliveira

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