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Armando Gonzalez Torres, better known as “DzO”, was born in Matanzas, Cuba on May 30th, 1988. The songwriter of reggaeton has been given the task of being the spokesman of the largest island in the Caribbean. Maintaining the essence of reggaeton with its variety and its own style with superior texts, he composed his first song at the age of 15 with a group called DNA.

He decided to start his career as a soloist at the age of 17. “DzO” is a college graduate with a specialty in aviation as an air traffic controller and technical certificate of aviation. He has been presented in the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Puerto Rico, where his music continues to grow, and ERSP to the whole world.

Everyday “DzO” works hard to grow in the genre of reggaeton and become a powerhouse at the global level. His impact on music is testimony that you can do it. His music is inspiration for the world. He’s currently working on his first album entitled “Declaration of War” which centers around the idea that one should fight every day to achieve a higher goal. His mission is to be able to touch the different corners of the world with varied styles of music while maintaining the essence of reggae ton.

é: How did you find your niche in reggaeton?  Or did it find you?

DzO: I knew I wanted to sing since the moment I tried to record my first song – it felt natural. My father was a salsa singer, and he used to have his own band in Cuba where I remember that he used to take me to the events and I would play the instruments at the rehearsal. I enjoy every song I make since I write all my material and always put my best effort into every production I take part of. To me, reggaeton gives me the flexibility to be creative and not limited in what music and rhythms I can use, which is something I enjoy and see as a blessing as I can make a universal sound for all ages and races.

é: How did you get the name DzO?

DzO: The name choose me since I used to play baseball and a great friend of mine shouted out DzO when I hit the game winning homerun on a playoff game in little league baseball. From then on the name stayed through my school years and it just keeps on being recognized. The name means a lot to me since it stands for strength, and it always reminds me that nothing is impossible and there are a lot of people that fight bigger battles like cancer and many other diseases everyday.

é: Do you miss working with planes?

DzO: I do miss working on airplanes, but I try to always find time to fly even though I have dedicated much of my time to producing my first album and exposing my music to the world. My education in airplanes was a great foundation to have, and I’m very thankful for it.

é: What projects do you have in store this year for your fans?

DzO: I have many projects for all the beautiful people that follow me and my career. I have recently released my second single which is titled “Subelo” and was on rotation in all major radio stations in the Dominican Republic this summer. The next single that I’m releasing is titled “Mientras Pasa El Tren” which is also available on ITunes and all major digital stores. You can also add me on Pandora at DzO radio where you can listen to all my singles that have been released. The music video for “Mientras Pasa El Tren” will be released at the end of November at, which is my official site, and all the latest information will be posted there.

é: Tell us about your single “Luna LLena.” How was creating that song?
DzO: Luna LLena was my first single to be released, and the making of that song was a great experience. I wrote the song on a night with a full moon while I was on vacation in the Florida Keys. I’m very happy that my music has been able to reach many parts of the world even though I understand that there is a lot of work still to be done. I want to thank all the people who follow me and keep supporting my music.

By Adrienne Oliveira
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