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Karlos Rosé

Here at Latin é, we love finding a new band or artist to get excited about. There’s something uniquely magical about an up-and-comers first album, that you don’t get with just any old album release. So, as you can imagine, we were thrilled to discover Karlos Rosé, previously known for his cover of Bruno Mars’ Just the Way You Arewas releasing his first full album this year.

And what an album it is. A wonderfully eclectic mash-up of styles, this bachata album is not your mom’s bachata music. It’s wholly original and addicting from the very first taste. It even includes his fantastic rendition of Just the Way You Are, sure to delight old and new fans both.

We got to sit down with this young rising star to talk about journey, his influences, and how to be just like him (so listen up, because there’s a lot of good advice about to be coming your way, Karlos Rosé style).

Let’s jump right in. Just to get a taste of who you are, for your fans, who were some of your major influences growing up? Did you have a favorite singer who you really wanted to be like?

My major influences were Romeo Santos, Juan Luis Guerra, and Marc Anthony.

You’re joining their ranks now.

Not yet – there’s still a lot of work for me to do, but if we keep on working we’re positive we’re gonna get there.

I have no doubt. Now, do you have a favorite song from any of them that really resonates with you?

Well, from Juan Luis Guerra, I like Burbujas de Amor. I like all of them, really, all of the songs from all of them. I love all their songs.

That’s okay. It’s kind of like asking you to pick a favorite child.

Yeah, it’s too hard.

Now, you began your career singing on the Dominican show Divertido con Jochy. What’s different about singing on a tv show rather than on a live tour?   

The difference between singing in a show and singing on a TV show… there’s like double the pressure, because of cameras and such. There are a lot of people there. There’s double or triple the pressure.

Do you like doing both? Would you want to be on a TV show again?

Oh, I would love to be on a TV show again. I would fight through the pressure. I love TV shows.

That’s awesome. We hope to see you on one again soon. Now, I, like many of your fans, probably, started listening to you back in 2012, when you released a cover of Bruno Mars’ Just the Way You Are. That really you to the top of the charts; is there a reason you chose that song? What went into making that cover?

I made a cover of it because when that song first came out I made a video on Facebook, and I put it up – I was playing the guitar and I was like 13-years-old – and people, people loved the way I did it. I did it kind of differently, in my style, and a lot of people thought it was great, so we thought about doing it in Bachata style. Bachata is really danceable and that song… Well, everybody loves that song.

It is a great song, and that cover of it is just spectacular.

Thank you very much.

Tell us a little about your new album, Geminis.

It’s been in process for over two years, as we’ve been trying to get all the right songs in it. We named it Geminis because I am a Gemini and I felt like the songs in this album are songs that I can relate to. I really picked the name because they say that geminis are really versatile, so what I did is that I made this album all Bachata. But I did a lot of different kinds of Bachata within the album. I did Bachata Pop, Bachata R&B, Original Bachata… We mixed it all together and got a little bit of everything.

Personally, I love Por Ti. Do you have a favorite song from the album?

Hmm… It has to be number four, El Único Que Te Ha Amado.

I think because of the style of it. I can relate to it – it really represents me. It’s a really futuristic style of Bachata. There are a lot of cool things about it, but a lot of people probably won’t notice those things.

Well, all I can say to that is, they’re going to notice it now!

I hope so.

Now, you’re very young. Do you have any advice for other young Latinos and Latinos who want to pursue a career in music? Anything you learned along the way?

You are the guide of your destiny. If you have a goal in your life, you have to keep on fighting for it. You have to keep on going. Don’t believe what people tell you or all the negativity they say. Stay positive. Nothing is impossible in this world. If you’re trying to become somebody or something, just keep working and keep on being positive.

Well said. What’s next for you?

This is my first album, but it’s definitely not my last. We’re going to keep on working and producing lots of good music. Maybe a feature with Romeo or Marc Anthony. We’re going to keep on working, forever.

And last, what song is stuck in your head right now?

Definitely my new single, Mi Lugar Es Contigo, because it is way catchy.

You’re right about that. It’s been stuck in my head for days.

I can’t stop hearing it in my head.

Thank you so much for talking with us, Karlos.

Thank you.


There you have it, Ladies and Gentleman. Check out Karlos Rosé and his new album, Geminis, in store now, for great summer singles that will be stuck in your head in no time at all.



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