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Joseph Fonseca

If you’re ready for smiles, laughs, and an all-around good time, then Puerto Rican artist Joseph Fonseca’s new album, Eso, Eso, Eso, is just for you! The former Los Sabrosos Del Merengue group member is all about songs filled with rhythms you can dance to and a beat that will leave you smiling from ear to ear. One of Fonseca’s songs, El Caballito de Palo, was a huge hit off of off his previous album and reached over 23 million views on VEVO, so we won’t be surprised if songs off of Eso, Eso, Eso follow in the same footsteps. In fact, El Queso, included within Eso, Eso, Eso, is already continuously replaying itself on major radio stations in Puerto Rico, the U.S., Central America, and Peru.

Fonseca revolutionized the music market for his funny content–giving him the ability to make light of social issues through his songs. One of the issues highlighted in his new production is the obsession of keeping in touch with other people through social networks. Fonseca playfully sings of a bride ending a relationship through twitter in his song titled, Me Entere Por Twitter.

Eso, Eso, Eso holds a lot of promise with Fonseca’s ability to charm listeners with his feel good music. We’re always ready for a good time, and we know you are too.

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