El Circulo Virtuoso” is a bestselling book authored by no less than the super career woman Gaby Natale. The journalist, author, entrepreneur, host, and executive producer previously launched a South American book tour for her publication which talks about the perfect recipe for success no matter the surrounding circumstances. Just recently, the tour concluded in the SuperLatina host’s home country, Argentina. The culmination was witnessed at the Buenos Aires International Book Fair and was covered by some of the most reputable media channels like America TV, Clarin Newspaper, Infobae, and TN News Network.

To add a more meaningful climax to the tour, Gaby Natale was interviewed by her fellow Argentine TV personality Moria Casan. The said actress was the one who lit the fire in the heart of the SuperLatina host in pursuing a career in the television. And prior to their acquaintance, Gaby Natale brought with her a symbolic gift – her EMMY Statuette.

In my motivational speeches, I always mention how she was instrumental in planting the seed of this crazy dream I had when I was an unemployed 24-year-old in Argentina of one day having my own TV show. So when she contacted me personally after hearing from a mutual friend, I decided to bring my EMMY to the studio. I wanted her to hold it and know that putting a smile on my face at a tough time in my life actually made all the difference in the world.

The launch of El Circulo Virtuoso was warmly welcomed by US readers as the said book landed in the top spot of Hot New Releases in Amazon in not just one but three different categories. And this served as a pretext for HarperCollins Español to further widen the coverage of the book launch which later included the Latin American audience. HarperCollins is the publisher of El Circulo Virtuoso and is one of the major players in the global industry. The said publishing company then rested its eyes on the author’s native country, Argentina as a strategic locale to share the inspiring story of Gaby Natale‘s road to success in America.

A glimpse on one of the highlights of Buenos Aires book tour.

Gaby Natale‘s best seller, El Circulo Virtuoso is currently published in her native Spanish language. Together with her publisher, the SuperLatina is set on an even bigger project which is to translate her book to English in order to cover an audience in a global scale. Just recently, the author and entrepreneur Gaby Natale spoke at the Cultural Marketing Council Annual Conference which was held last June 4-6 at the Loews Hotel in Los Angeles, CA.

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