Marko has been relentless recently in bringing smiles and laughter to his fans one sold out show after another. Just after he was warmly accommodated by his Houston audience with a sold out show, the content creator and Latin comedian brought back his act in Miami with “Pasion Indocumentada“. This third sold out Miami show by the stand up comedian comes with a special participation by the cast of “Pasiones de Instagram“.

"Latinos welcome me with open hands in every city, but presenting myself at home is always special, it's a blessing to present my third sold out function in Miami, and I feel anxious to arrive soon to all my people in San 
Francisco" - Marko

The promising young comedian has been very busy lately as he is driven to share his catchy sense of humor with his fans across the United States. Just last month, before his “Pasion Indocumentada Marko pulled off a significant number of shows throughout different key cities of the US.

About Marko Musica

Marko Perez who is more popularly known by his followers as Marko Musica is an example of a new breed of stand up comedians. The Venezuelan influencer has a unique sense of humor which he gladly shared to the rest of the world through various online platforms such as Instagram and Youtube. The comedian has been bringing more color into the world of social networks by pulling off punch lines and jokes through various catchy characters. All of Marko’s videos in the social networks have millions of videos and paved way to his skyrocketing fame and success in the international stage.

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