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The month of September not only marks the beginning of the fall season, it’s also the month the city of San Agustín celebrates its anniversary. This year is a very special one at that, for this Spanish-influenced city celebrates 450 years since Captain Pedro Menéndez de Aviles arrived and proclaimed it “La ciudad de San Agustín” back on September 8, 1565.

Did you know St. Augustine is also the longest city to be continuously occupied within the United States? American Latinos have been representing all this time!

450 years is a big milestone, so St. Augustine it’s celebrating with tons of awesome events, including art exhibits, cultural and religious activities, historical reenactments, music festivals, and more. These will happen all throughout the month of September and carry into the rest of the year. There’s even a Spanish wine festival happening this weekend, to keep the celebration going after Labor Day weekend.

As you may have imagined, the official party starts in a couple of days on September 8th. If you are yet to take a summer vacation, I strongly suggest visiting this city by the sea and enjoying everything it has to offer, including all the events happening around town throughout the rest of the year. (Holiday getaway, anyone?)

Ready to plan away? Check out St. Augustine’s website to learn more about this charming city and all its upcoming events. Don’t let your amigos tell you about it, and go check it out for yourself. Nos vemos en St. Augustine!

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