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Here at Latin é we love to celebrate our Latino culture and all of our successes. What better way to do so than with good music and a refreshing cocktail? Buchanan’s Scotch Whisky seems to agree with us, as they took the spot of official spirit sponsor of the 2015 Billboard Latin Music Awards Show and After Party in Miami earlier this spring. For the occasion, they created signature cocktails to celebrate Latino talent during the special events that took place that week.

As we head deep into the heart of summer, with the heat inspiring us to spend more time with family and friends enjoying life under the sun, a new cocktail recipe (or two!) might come in handy. So, when we got the scoop on these fabulous cocktails, we couldn’t wait to share them with all of you. Here’s to all those Latinos who are graduating this year; here’s to all those Latino fathers that love unconditionally and help raise amazing people; here’s to all those beautiful days under the sun this summer; and here’s to you. Salud!

South Beach Chill

South Beach ChillIngredients:

*   1.5 oz Buchanan’s De Luxe

*   .5 oz Banana Liqueur Giffard Banane du Brésil

*   .75 oz Fresh Orange Juice

*   .75 oz Pineapple Juice

*   .25 oz Fresh Lemon Juice

*   2 dashes of Angostura Bitters

*   Pineapple Leaf to decorater

*   Ice Cubes


  1.  Add Buchanan’s De Luxe, banana liqueur, pineapple juice, and fresh lemon juice in a shaker with ice.
  2.  Shake and strain into a tall glass filled with ice.
  3.  Decorate with the pineapple leaf and add dashes of Angostura Bitters.


Miami More

Miami MoraIngredients:

*   1.5 oz Buchanan’s De Luxe

*   .75 oz Fresh Lemon Juice

*   .75 oz Simple Syrup

*   6 Blackberries

*   Wooden Stick to decorate

*   Mint Sprig to decorate


  1.  Mix 4 blueberries with simple syrup and fresh lemon juice in a shaker.
  2.  Add Buchanan’s De Luxe and shake with ice.
  3.  Strain into a glass with ice, and decorate with 2 blackberries on a wooden stick and mint sprig.

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