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Famor Botero

Famor Botero is a Colombian filmmaker and graduate of Full Sail University. Since graduating in 2011, Botero has produced, directed, and written various films, garnering the attention of several Hollywood personalities and the media. In 2014, Yahoo introduced Botero as “an influential upcoming Latino filmmaker;” CNN stated that “Botero’s work was remarkable and inspirational;” and Orlando’s Mayor Buddy Dyer officially recognized Botero for his work as a filmmaker. He was also commended on his devotion to and his philanthropic work for the Latin community.

One of Botero’s latest projects includes a ProjectMad documentary based on the book “My American Dream.” Narcos Inocentes is a reality of many Colombians accused of narcotics crimes and extradited despite the lack of evidence. Colombian Ex-President Andres Pastrana explains how Pablo Escobar kidnapped him to try to prevent him from writing an extradition law in the 1990’s and that same law is now allowing innocent people to be forced out of Colombia. They were extradited to the United States or other countries around the world, accused of crimes related to drug trafficking and without guarantee of any defense by the Colombian government. Many of these people, who are very poor, end up pleading guilty as they have no way to defend themselves. Narcos Inocentes tells the story of Roque Caballero, a man falsely accused of drug dealing, and how his entire town banded together to save him from extradition. 

Monserrate, ¿Como el Cerro?, romantic comedy, is another of Botero’s new films. Monserrate is a film about identity and coming into your own under unexpected circumstances. The film’s titular character Monserrate finds herself sent to a small town in Colombia under complicated circumstances. Amidst an odd cast of characters and whimsical experiences, Monserrate finds herself falling in love. There’s only one problem: her new friends and lover don’t know the real reason she was sent to Colombia. 

Clearly, Botero has a lot going on and we’re excited to see these films and whatever Botero has coming up next. What about you? Are you excited to see these films? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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