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Frankie Fernandez

Frankie Fernandez, better known in the bachata world as “Doble FF,” is ready to take bachata to the next level. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Frankie began his musical career writing lyrics about real life situations he found himself in. According to Frankie, he would become excited when poems just flowed from his pen, and later, in his teenage years, he began to sing the poems. These very same poems later became the songs which attract huge crowds of fans in both the Dominican Republic and the United States. As he matured both as a man and an artist, he started putting it all together within production studios and started recording his music. Now Frankie is currently promoting his new single “Ven” one of the singles of which he is most proud. He’s now ready to head out on his promotional tour from New York to the Dominican Republic in the Spring of 2015, and he’s excited to launch his media tour in Miami next summer. Frankie Fernandez is about to show the world the true meaning of romantic bachata.

Check him on on Instagram @FrankiefernandezdobleF

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