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Freddy Kenton Jr. is a hybrid of two historical musical cultures. This Puerto Rican-Dominican singer and songwriter is ready to reinvent the Latin urban genre and make his mark in the music industry with the soon to be released album, “Freddy Kenton Jr. “La Dynastia.””

Raised in Puerto Rico & Santo Domingo, Freddy grew up witnessing his father, Freddy Kenton Sr., become a legend known for his extraordinary and ground breaking dance moves in Latin America and the United States. Freddy traveled city to city alongside his father, and show after show, saw performances that captivated Latin and American crowds. This experience ignited a fire in his soul, and he soon began joining Freddy Sr. on stage.

Nowadays, Freddy wears multiple hats: producer, composer, vocalist and manager of his marketing and bookings. Above all, he is a master wordsmith, whose colorful palette of metaphors paints vivid portraits of love, passion, anger, and jealousy; he possesses a profound ability to tap into people’s hearts through his music and lyrics.

His new Mambo single, “One More Night,” a pop dance blend that will move dance floors across the world, is ready for radio release along with his remake of The Cure’s hit song, “Lovesong.”

Check him out here!

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