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La Mecánica Popular, one of the brightest new sounds in Latin music, are celebrating the release of their newest video, Guajiro this week. Directed by Peruvian artist Muriel Holguín, who is making her debut as videographer, “*Guajiro*” gives nods to both salsa and psychedelia, all rolled up in the style of 1970’s-era “Bitches Brew” Miles Davis mixed with Peruvian Harawis – old Andean chants which are almost forgotten even in Peru.

The featured vocalist on the track, Elba Ambía, learned the chants as a child in the mountains of Peru & collaborated with the band in the intro to bring the song to life. She is an activist & advocate for the Quechua language, which can be heard throughout the song.

The song is sure to be a hit, with its modern beets and deeply historical lyrics – it’s a song that stays with you long after the final notes are played.

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