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Pippi Longstocking - Costume Ideas

Halloween is like now, chicas! Some of you might be ready to go with plans and a full costume, so that it’s just a matter of counting down the days and summoning your Halloween 2014 alter ego. Others, like this one over here, are just going wherever the wind takes them (cue Pocahontas costume idea!) with no concrete plan, or costume, for that matter.

However, if by any chance you end up needing or wanting to dress up to join the festivities at the last minute, there’s no need to stress out about it. I’m sure that between clothing items you already own, getting creative with your makeup and maybe a prop or two, you’ll find that you have even more than one costume available for you to, literally, dress the part.

Don’t worry, I’m sort of a costume guru and have some costume ideas to help you out. Last year, I whipped up a Vampire costume in 15 minutes. So, listen up! I have ideas for you, inspired by my own list of, literally, last second costumes from the past.Latin-eAdSideBanner3

Inspired by the movie ‘Men in Black’, I dressed as a woman in black.

All you need is black pants, white button up shirt, black sunglasses and hair gel to create a wet look ponytail. Maybe you’d like to add a black blazer to complete the look, and carry a pen or slim flashlight to proceed and use all night long as that mind erasing thingy they use in the films.

Animals are always an easy and fun thing to be for Halloween.

One year I was a Leopard! I wore a short black skirt with a leopard print top and a pair of leopard print gloves that a friend brought me from a trip that, coincidentally, matched my shirt. I let my hair go wild and added whiskers with black eyeliner on my face. Activate cattitude, and you’re good to go!

So, about that in less than 15 minutes Vampire costume…

I wore that same black skirt that I had previously worn to be a Leopard, but this time I paired it with a burgundy bustier I had lying around from my old prom dress (Yes, you read that right!). I did a smokey eye, red lips and added “blood” coming down the sides of my mouth for added effect. After all, a vampire should never leave the house hungry.

What do you think of these? Hopefully I was able to inspire your Halloween look this year, and if I didn’t here are some other great ideas that will be easy to replicate with items already in your wardrobe. Try Audrey Hepburn, Wednesday Addams, Morticia, Sandy from Grease, and Mary Poppins. Feliz Halloween!

Have a last-second costume idea you’d like to share? Tell us about it in the comments or via Twitter @HauteCocktail

Halloween Costume Ideas

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