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Los Angeles native Singer/Songwriter Desireé Estrada has a sultry voice that pairs with the rich timber of Bachata like they were made for each other. She’s taken the world by storm before (especially after she released her rendition of No Doubt’s hit, “Don’t Speak” or “No Hables). Now, she’s hitting another home run with her new hit single, “I’d Like to Be.”

This single has a very interesting backstory. The song’s lyrics and melody were written in 2001 by veteran songwriters Leticia Ascencio and John Scott Mulchaey (Nicole Scherzinger/Kat Deluna) to a track by Grammy winning producer Jean-Yves “Jeeve” Ducornet (Santana) and Travis House. The song was recorded by girl group Nobody’s Angel (Hollywood Records) and was slated to be the first single off their second album. Soon after Nobody’s Angel recorded the song it was heard by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston and both expressed interest in recording it, but because the song had already been given to Hollywood Records neither was able to record it. Songwriter Ascencio says “We of course would have loved for Mariah or Whitney to record the song, but were under contract with Hollywood Records and there was really nothing we could do about it.” Nobody’s Angel broke up in 2002 and the song was never released. By that time both Mariah and Whitney had finished their albums and the song sat on the shelf for the past decade.

Desiree Estrada heard the song last year and instantly fell in love with its message. Famed Argentine songwriter Claudia Brant provided a Spanish translation of the English lyrics and, with a new Bachata production, Desiree’s latest single was born.

Songwriter John Scott Mulchaey says he knew the song would one day have its chance to shine. “It has always been a favorite of ours and we’ve knew someday it would find a good home. We were thrilled when Desiree wanted to record it.”

“I’d Like to Be” was released June 17, 2014 through TMG/InGrooves-Fontana and is available through digital outlets nationwide. Her music video will follow in the weeks ahead.

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