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Music | J. Balvin Does It Again With Ginza

J Balvin!

J Balvin did it again with his new hit, Ginza. He’s got all of us wondering why we can’t stop dancing and of course, what is Ginza?

The 30-year-old Colombian artist has made us very proud this year. Standing-up for Latinos everywhere, Balvin cancelled his performance on the upcoming Miss USA pageant in response to Donald Trump’s hateful remarks about immigrants. This is a big deal because the performance would have been his first on national mainstream television.

When Balvin released the video for Ginza on Vevo, it broke the record for the most views for a Latin music video in the first 24 hour; impressively racking up over 2 million views. Oh, and I recently checked Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs and Ginza is number one, so check it out! It’s been on the chart for 12 weeks now!

Now, let’s move on to analyzing the video. The video is three minutes and 48 seconds, but the song doesn’t actually start until about a minute in. Oh and for all you who may be wondering what Ginza is, a simple Google search will answer all of your questions. According to Wikipedia and a very cautious Urban Dictionary search, I came to the conclusion that Ginza is an upscale district in Tokyo famous for upscale shopping and dining. So what does J. Balvin’s Ginza have to do with Ginza? From what I could tell, nothing really. The song doesn’t even mention the word Ginza according to my research. However, the music video looks to take place in Ginza so…mystery solved! Also, watch the video and see if you can see the great product placement…Pepsi-Cola, I’m talking to you. Also, unrelated but still fun, let us know in the comments below if you are a Pepsi person or Coca-Cola person!

Now back on topic, this song is so catchy you must add it to your music repertoire ASAP. If you want to bust a move, do it to this song. If you want to make some food, do it to this song. If you want to take a drive, do it to this song. In summary, do everything to this song. I may be a little biased since I am half Colombian but regardless, I know I am right when I say that J. Balvin makes nothing but hits and Ginza is no exception. So go on, give it a listen…dale (listen to the song to get the reference)!

Click to watch the Latin é Original Horror short film.
Click to watch the Latin é Original Horror short film.
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