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Here at Latin é we love to discover new brands and products inspired and developed by hard-working Latino/as like yourself. Recently, we had the pleasure to meet Jesus Ricardo “Rick” Tapia, the creator of the newly launched J.R. Revelry, a 100% American-produced Bourbon Whiskey. We got to learn about the inspiration behind this endeavor, which he described as leading him one step closer to achieving his American Dream. We also got to sit down and taste this pleasant and easy to drink Whiskey with Rick himself!

Jesus Ricardo “Rick” Tapia was born in Lima, Peru. He moved to New York City when he was five, and grew up enjoying the experience and memories of visiting the local bodega, or corner store, where he was able to watch a family business grow and welcome an international neighborhood with its delicious scents, food, and conviviality. After working in the spirits industry for seventeen years, the opportunity to craft his own product suddenly came along. He combined the memories of his childhood bodega and his love for American Whiskey to create his company, La Bodega Internacional, and the premium bourbon, J.R. Revelry. The name of the whiskey stems from Rick’s initials, J.R., and the atmosphere of celebration behind the spirit of this handcrafted whiskey.

J.R. Revelry Bourbon Whiskey is handcrafted in small batches. It is distilled and aged in Lawrenceburg, IN, and bottled in an artisan distillery in Nashville, TN. Rick created this drink for whiskey adventurers who don’t chase trends and enjoy discovering new flavors. Rather than allowing heavy elements to dominate, J.R. Revelry offers a subtle, sensual exploration of flavors that originate with whiskey and wood alone. Rick describes J.R. Revelry as “Smooth, Sexy, and Sophisticated”, and we sure agree!

Learn more, find recipes, and see the locations where you can buy J.R. Revelry on their website, and follow the celebration on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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