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Gina Rodriguez has recently come to the forefront of Hollywood and been welcomed. She is genuine with her joy over he newfound success along with her dedication to using her fame for good. She has repeatedly said she acknowledges the space she takes up as a Latina actress and how she wants to use that space.

Rodriguez question where Puerto Ricans came from when she was little because she never saw people that looked like her on TV. The lack of visibility in the media made her feel invisible, Rodriguez said to the Washington Post. 

Her show “Jane the Virgin” is in its third season and Rodriguez’s star is rising. She won a Golden Globe for the first season of her show and starred in “Deepwater Horizon” alongside Mark Wahlberg this year. Gina Rodriguez has used her newfound fame to bring awareness to causes she holds dear and spread positivity. She said she watched shows with Black characters because at least they were brown like her.  Rodriguez is now filling the gap she grew up with.

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Gina Rodriguez’s #MovementMondays

On Instagram Rodriguez is responsible for #MovementMondays. A hashtag Rodriguez uses to highlight a person , usually a person of color, she feels is doing positive things. The movement came about as a way for Rodriguez to use her social media presence to uplift others.

Rodriguez is on the Board of Directors for the Hispanic Scholarship Fund which is the biggest US organization supporting Hispanic higher education. Rodriguez was a recipient of an HSF scholarship herself.

She also has worked to raise awareness against bullying. In 2015 she teamed up with, PACER’s (The Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights) National Bullying Prevention Center. In a campaign with CustomInk Rodriguez and other celebrities to raise funds for their Fifth Annual  “Be Good to Each Other Campaign”. She designed a shirt with the phrase “Kindness Is Always In Style”.

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