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cantinflas-zzzI have always been a fan of Latin comedians because they can incorporate and share our culture with everyone. One of the best Latino comedians that has achieved this goal is John Leguizamo. He has been one of the most talented comedians for years, and currently performs his comedy “Tales from a Ghetto Klown” live in New York City.

This comedy is based on John’s experiences off Broadway to Broadway and everything in between. His presentation of the American Latino has always been second to none. John’s talent has gone beyond his Broadway shows to the big screen performing in such movies as, “Empire” and “Carlito’s Way”. 

One of my other favorite comedians is Carlos Mencia. Now many people have mixed feelings about Carlos, but in my opinion, he truly “tells it how it is.” His stand up comedies “Not for the Easily Offended” and “No Strings Attached” are staples in my DVD collection. His raw style and straight up attitude are very refreshing, especially when he talks about idiosyncrasies associated with different cultures, locations, political beliefs and other issues. The first time I watched, “Not for the Easily Offended” my family and friends laughed so hard, we were literally in tears. We even adopted some of his jokes into our normal conversations such as, “put it in the books!” I highly recommend watching his stand up. Carlos has also starred in many movies such as, “The Heartbreak Kid” and “Our Family Wedding”.

Latino comedians have been performing for a long time beginning with Latino greats such as Desi Arnaz who’s classic “Lucccccy!” while playing Ricky Ricardo became a staple of the TV show, “I Love Lucy”. Paul Rodriguez and Cheech Marins had several stand up and movie classics such as, “Born in East L.A.” and George Lopez’s, “The George Lopez Show”. 

There are also many more Latino comics who have long careers ahead of them such as the talented Gabrial Iglesias aka Fluffy Guy. This talented comedian is hilarious with his witty punch lines and well known voices. A few additional upcoming greats are Erik Rivera, Jeremy Arroyo and Danny Rolando.

Who’s your favorite Latino Comedian?




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