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After my last entry I realized that I sparked the interest in many of you regarding what exactly my business does. I figured I might as well use this medium to explain it to everyone.

To begin with, both my parents and I own a company, Inter-American Group, Inc. (IAG), that expedites travel documents for American and non-American citizens. In simple terms, we process passports and visas—should you need them—through the U.S. Department of State and/or Embassy in a very quick time frame. Clients from all over the country send in their application forms to our company, after signing permission for us to represent them, so we can process and return their paperwork in as quickly as a few hours. The majority of our passport clientele are individuals who find themselves in emergencies where they did not realize their passports have expired, been lost, or have been stolen. Surprisingly, I sometimes have clients who were completely ignorant to the fact that a passport was necessary document to travel abroad. On the other, the majority of my visa clientele are individuals who travel abroad on business. I have seen the paperwork of music artists, sports players, and important corporate CEOs pass through our offices over the years. With all the people and situations that have passed desks, I can truly say we never have a dull moment.

As stated earlier however, I made the choice to start a business separate to IAG. Although I will continue being a main player at IAG, I have decided to create a smaller company, IAG International Inc. that provides a different service: document legalization. In summary, I obtain apostilles/certifications. This deals with the process similar to that of a document being notarized at an international level, for my clients. This involves communication with different agencies in order to validate the document, including the U.S. Department of State and the Embassy of the country in which you intend to use the document. For the most part, I intend to cater to multi-national corporations and companies seeking to develop technology that will need to be patented all over the world.  However, my services will also be valid for the average individual who, for example, needs to legalize their U.S. university diploma in their home country, or make their U.S. marriage legitimate wherever they decide to live. You can only imagine how difficult the memorization and learning the laws for every country has been for me.

With that, if anyone ever needs a passport, visa, or document legalized, please remember that my services are always available. I have been doing this since I was 12; filing paperwork, running a person’s application form to an Embassy, or answering phones. Now that I have experience in an executive role , and am branching out on my own, I happily provide these services for both my companies. Throughout the years I’ve learned from my parents, who occasionally still answer calls and apply for documents for our clients, that you are never too good to do the job of the entry levels—that’s how they keep themselves grounded and I plan to continue doing so as well!

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