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é | Los Rakas

Panamanian-American hip hop duo out of Oakland, CA

Los Rakas have collaborations coming out this year with Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas, Diplo and Blondie. They are one of the most exciting duos to come out of the Bay in a long time and release all their own music – building one Raka at a time worldwide.

“Already known as mixtape wizards before they started recording their own songs, Los Rakas concocts a bilingual gumbo from the Caribbean musical diaspora of Jamaican dance hall, reggaeton and reggae, stiffened with straight shots of hip-hop and R&B.”
LA Times

“Los Rakas are building a serious reputation for themselves by mixing the rhythms of reggae and Caribbean dancehall with ferocious, bilingual, emcee-devouring microphone skills.”

Los Rakas rocked Washington, DC, on February 14th, and Boston, MA on February 15th

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