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Luis Cuzco, known as “La Cobra de la Bachata” (you just have to look at the cobra on his arm to see why), is becoming a household name in the Bachata industry. With a supportive family behind him Cuzco has long been striving to perfect his craft, wading through difficult circumstances and harsh conditions to reach his goals.

Recently he composed the lyrics to his song, “Cόmo duele el corazόn,” which deals with unrequited love. He has also worked on other songs that are sure to make an interesting pattern in his musical career such as, “I want to see you,” “Your master I want to be,” and, “Come with me.” He’s currently working on his fifth song, “I failed to love,” for which he is working in conjunction with Fanny, better known as, “La voz tierna de la bachata.”

In the coming year Cuzco plans to travel to the Dominican Republic to kick off his first public release and worldwide tour. But before he begins his journey to international recognition we wanted to sit down with the young star to discuss his incredible journey and the mark he’s beginning to leave on the music industry.

é: Tell us more about your life. What was it like growing up with 9 brothers? Are you the oldest? Youngest? In what ways has your family encouraged you?

La Cobra: My life in a nutshell has been a struggle, but I feel that music, Bachata music, has taken me to places where real life situations have helped me heal, especially when it comes to talking through it with my music. It was great growing up with a huge family; I always had a lot of company with 8 other siblings. My family has supported my music from day one – thank God. They support me and my music.

é: How were you introduced to Bachata music? Did your parents listen to it often?

La Cobra: Bachata has always been a favorite genre of mine. Although I grew up around many different genres of music bachata has always been my main influence.

é: Do you relate to being a cobra? How so?

La Cobra: I relate to being a cobra because cobras know what they want, strike quickly, and always achieve their objectives. That’s how I want to be as I try to reach my goals within the genre of bachata.

é: What was it like creating the song “No Me Importa Nada?” What meaning does that song have for you?

La Cobra: It’s funny you ask that. I am such a free spirited person that “No Me Importa Nada” was just about the fact that I don’t care about anything except my music; my music is my escape.

é: What can your fans expect in 2014?

La Cobra: In 2014 my fans can expect the completion of my album, God willing. And also my media tour in the Dominican Republic, and my promotional tour in the United States. Again, God willing. I’m working with my marketing person in Chicago, Mr. Anthony Saa, who has been keeping me busy. On top of that my producer, Eto, has done a fabulous job on my production. More to come in 2014.

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By Adrienne Oliveira
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