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Making Movies, A La Deriva

Hey Folks! Kansas City’s hit group, Making Movies, is coming to an East Coast city near you! Get ready to party to the sweet sounds of this band’s bilingual album, A La Deriva.

Having spent their childhood in Panama and Kansas City, Making Movies has a sound like you’ve never heard before. The album has been described as “a lyrically adept examination of the struggles faced by immigrant families.

The critics agree:
“Producer Steve Berlin of Los Lobos, while working to capture Making Movies‘ sound, also encouraged the group to not repeat itself. The result is a wholly original work that expands the rich heritage of Latin Alternative music. Their hit song, “Pendulum Swing,” is just one part of a thoughtful record — a part best experienced on the dance floor.”

—*Jon Hart*, The Bridge

Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself.

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