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Music | Mayimba Music Wins “Publisher of the Year”

RENZO Mayimba Music

It’s always nice to see a family-owned company like Mayimba Music taking home the big-league awards. Founded by Marti Mayimba, Mayimba Music is a three-time ASCAP Indie Publisher of the Year award winner, and now it has also been named the 2015 Latin Billboard Publisher of the Year.

So it’s safe to say that this is a music company that knows exactly what it’s doing. Having spent the last decade taking over a unique niche in the music industry, Mayimba Music is now here to stay and going strong. It seems that this family’s tradition of musicianship is longstanding and unshakable.

Mayimba’s roster of writers includes stars like Romeo Santos, Daniel Santacruz, Silvio Mora, Eddy K, and many others. Their affiliated recording label, Mayimba Records, Inc., is set to release a flurry of new projects this year including the anticipated debut EP from RENZO, entitled Enamorado, and a full studio album from Silvio Mora.

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