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I recently discovered the vegan beauty line, Mi Bella Reina, and between its 24K Gold Facial Mask and its selection of good-for-you makeup products, I fell in love! Mi Bella Reina is all about bringing the queen in all of us, because no matter what life has thrown your way, you should feel as beautiful and special as a reina.

Nancy Reagan is the mastermind behind this line that aims to provide women with everything they need for their beauty and makeup routine in one, all-natural place. I tried Mi Bella Reina’s foundation and I have to say that a little goes a long way, it’s refreshing, light, and leaves your skin dewy and pretty.

As a long time aesthetician, Nancy realized that even the most beautiful woman needed a way to feel better about herself, her life and bring that to the outside. She found inspiration to start her own spa (3 locations now!) and beauty product line there, and as she traveled back and forth to Panama for business, she decided to learn Spanish. In the process, she used to listen to a story called “The Missing Cat”, where the cat was called “Princesa”. It was in this story that she found the inspiration to name her spa and product line. The beauty in each of us shall be found through the beauty products and treatments she provides, and better than a princess, we shall be the queens of our lives and stories.

I sure want to feel like a beautiful queen! Curious to learn more, visit one of her spas or get your hands (or face!) into that 24K Gold Facial Mask? Check out Mi Bella Reina’s website and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and InstagramInstagram. Get ready to conquer your kingdom, mi reinas!

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