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Chino & Nacho

2015 has been an exciting year for Chino & Nacho, who just released their new music video for their hit song, Me Voy Enamorando Remixand are now being recognized for their talent at the Premios Juventud awards this July. The dynamic duo has been nominated for the “Mi Artista Tropical” award,

The awards will be broadcasted live on Univision on July 17th, and Chino & Nacho are both excited and honored to be recognized at this prestigious youth awards show.  Me Voy Enamorando Remix is sweeping the globe, leaving its mark on charts around the world from the Dominican Republic to Nicaragua to The U.S. and back again.

Check it out and then be sure to vote for Chino & Nacho here. Voting ends May 31st, so cast your vote and spread the word!

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