For Proyecto Uno, summer is just getting started. The group who redefined Hip-hop merengue to a whole new level has been vibrating the hype since the release of their latest music video for the song “Llego El Verano“. And the group has even more reasons to celebrate apart from the music video’s successful release in the digital platform.

Last April, Proyecto Uno unleashed their new album “Organic” which included “Llego El Verano“. The entire production team of Proyecto Uno also saw to it that the new hype is available on all digital platforms for everyone to dance and enjoy along the group’s electrifying beats. Through the expertise of Fini Maza, the music video delivers a tempting glimpse of Miami City’s fine sands and waters which also features a full blown party with Proyecto Uno being the center of it all.

"What we like most about this video is that it combines perfectly with the theme, in which we wanted to show how Proyecto Uno creates a real rumba in the best hip-hop style, during our favorite time of the year: summer, and course, in the perfect place: the sea. " Affirms Nelson Zapata.

With the song’s potential in bringing out the ultimate euphoria of summer, US supermarket giant Walmart has chosen Proyecto Uno‘s stimulating beats in “Llego El Verano” as its official summer ID song. The Walmart chain employs a fun and friendly advertisement which goes alongside Proyecto Uno‘s summer song to effectively communicate with their Latin customers.

The Dominican-American latin house group also received a special recognition from the Rolling Stone. The American magazine which focuses mainly on popular culture has cited “El Tiburon” as one of the most influential topics in Latin music. The magazine featured 50 entries and the all time hit classic “El Tiburon” gained a spot in the upper half alongside Gloria Estefan, Juanes, Luis Fonsi, and many other Latino sensations.

"Receiving this news was like having won an award. We especially thank our audience who are the ones who have made this song a classic, and we are very proud to be part of the heritage of Latin music, "said Nelson Zapata.

For almost three decades, Proyecto Uno has been successful in introducing its style of music to various generations. And with all its current feats and successes, the merengue rappers simply shows the world that the sun continues to shine brightly on them.

Llego El Verano by Proyecto Uno

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