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This young and very talented Dominican is someone to watch. Currently recording her first album with the Orfanato Music Group, Natti Natasha is bringing her talent to the big leagues. With songs like the remix of “Hold Yuh ” (with Don Omar) and “Tu Recuerdo” (with Syko “El Terror”) Natasha is rising to fame as quickly as one can. Her hit, Dutty Love, continues to penetrate markets in the U.S. and is fast becoming one of the hottest songs on the radio today.

é: You began your musical journey at an early age; what has been your inspiration over the years?

Natasha: My inspiration has been my family. They keep me going. They’re people who have believed in me more than I did myself. I’m also inspired by everything that surrounds me – I find inspiration in any daily situation.

é: How did it feel when you signed to Don Omars’ Orfanato Music Group, and what’s it like working with him?

Natasha: It felt amazing, it felt surreal, it felt like all the hard work was paying off finally. Working with him is great; he has a great ear for good music, new sounds, and he definitely knows what people like. And, I have to say, one of the most important things is that he lets me be creative with my music. There’s a lot of freedom and fun.

é: Congratulations on winning Song of the Year, Vocal Event at the 2013 Latin Billboards with “Dutty Love”. Tell us, what was that like?

Natasha: It was one of my dreams coming true. I already felt like a winner just being there. It had been a long journey full of struggles but I knew God wasn’t leaving me on my own. That day I experienced a new beginning.

é: In the coming years what are a few of your musical goals?

Natasha: In the coming years I want to keep giving people who have always supported me good music, songs that they can relate to whether they are party songs or really personal ones. I want to take my music all over the world, and continue touching people’s hearts.

é: What advice do you have for the young Latinas that want to follow in your footsteps?

Natasha: Keep going strong, knowing your value, and use perseverance, discipline, and a positive attitude for the days you almost breakdown. Music is for sharing and enjoying.

é: Do have any pastimes or hobbies that most people don’t know about?

Natasha: I would say my hobby is actually doing music – I’ve never looked at it as work. Going to the studio its fun time to me! It’s my time to be creative and express myself.

é: If you weren’t an artist, what do you think you would be doing?

Natasha: I never saw myself doing anything else

é: So what is next for Natti Natasha? Any projects coming up?

Natasha: What’s next for Natti Natasha is Makossa that’s being released August 5th! I was extremely exited about my first single solo. I have a video coming up, and “Confession” is coming out, which is a song I know girls are going to be playing over and over. ; )

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