Diego Luna to Star in New Star Wars Show


With Disney’s streaming site on the horizon, the house of mouse is starting to unveil many projects that will be featured on the service. Of all the enticing shows set to launch, one of the most anticipated is the Star Wars prequel to 2016’s Rogue One. The show will follow protagonist Cassian Andor and his adventures as a rebel spy before he met up with his merry band of misfits in Rogue One.

Andor, portrayed by Mexican actor Diego Luna, quickly became a favorite even amongst the most die-hard of fans. On the surface, Cassian is a dedicated hero with a serious demeanor but in reality, he’s much more than that. Diego Luna isn’t the first Latino to appear as a major player in a Star Wars film but he is the first to portray a main character who speaks with a heavy accent. For many children of Mexican immigrants, Cassian sounds like their father or brother and for many immigrants, he sounds just like they do. In a universe where characters can frequently speak made-up alien languages it’s easy to forget how important it is to hear different kinds of people speak as well. His accent isn’t a point of ridicule nor does it make him the butt of the joke. Instead, he simply just is and he’s taken seriously as a character.

If Jyn serves as the protagonist who has the major moral dilemma of the film, Cassian is the moral epicenter. From the very start, he’s working as hard as he can to take down the oppressive regime of the Empire, serving as a spy in the rebellion. From the beginning of the film right up to the bitter end, Cassian works for the greater good. Like all of the other Rogue One protagonists, he dies at the end but he dies a hero, giving himself completely to the mission of the rebels.

Without Cassian, Luke Skywalker would have never blown up the Death Star in A New Hope because he never would have gotten the plans. Without Cassian, the Star Wars universe as we know it would be a much different place. He’s the hero of a story we never knew about and a much-welcomed addition to the franchise. In light of the new series, he will become the first character of color to be the main protagonist of a Star Wars project. With the importance that this series carries as a pop culture juggernaut, his show will mean a lot to Latino fans everywhere.

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