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Rodrigo Solo just combined the best of the best in his new album, No Estás Solo. The genres of No Estás Solo are an interesting mix of indie pop, alternative pop, a bit of guitar folk, and a touch of psychedelia–making for a listening experience like no other.

Rodrigo has been established in the Venezuelan rock music scene as a singer and main songwriter of the band, Viniloversus; however, his latest project leaves the rock music aside to bring together music, a social campaign, and modern art.

No Estás Solo represents Rodrigo’s support for the respect for human rights in Venezuela. The album tracks are each accompanied by a piece of art, adding visuals to the musical and humanitarian experiences that Rodrigo created.

With this multifaceted project, Rodrigo’s album isn’t just a set of tracks that you’ll want to play on repeat, but an invitation to transcend difficulties through art. With the talent and passion put into the album, No Estás Solo will leave you feeling wonderful and inspired.

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