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AWAKE RTW Fall 2014

Let me tell you a secret… There are spring and summer pieces that can be left out of storage and used in perfectly appropriate fall looks. The key is to use garments that have longer sleeves, are made of heavier fabrics, or to simply learn how to use layers to make summer and spring pieces work for fall. This is the case in one of the three trends that I dare you to try this month.

November Trends – Fall Florals:

So, that mysterious trend I was talking about? This is it! Yes, florals are not exclusively made to be worn during springtime. You can rock them this fall with chambray shirts and blazers. “Are you sure, Carla? I don’t want to look like an Easter Egg while eating Pumpkin Pie.” My answer to you is… “Yes, I’m sure, just make sure these flowers are over a dark background, or are dark colored themselves and you’ll be fine.”

Diesel RTW Fall 2014 Leather
November Trends – Leather:

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you. However, it needed to be put out there, just in case. Leather is a classic material that makes an appearance each and every year for good reason. I mean, every woman should have a nice fitting black leather jacket in their closet to survive the fall and the spring! (Check out our previous post for more fall staples to add to your wardrobe) However, don’t limit yourself to a jacket. Shop for leather tops, skirts, trenches, dresses and anything else your leather-loving-heart stumbles upon.

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Clover Canyon RTW Fall 2014
November Trends – Plaid:

To be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of plaid… Maybe because it reminds of my old school uniform, or maybe because I felt I might look like some sort of Christmas table cloth wearing it. However, with 90s fashions in the spotlight this season, I’m actually craving some plaid in my life. Jump onto that 90s bandwagon and get yourself some plaid in the form of a button-up, skirt, bag, or even a dress! You can even get creative and mix two different plaid pieces in the same color scheme for a muy interesante look.



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