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I’m not a picky eater, but when it comes to Mexican food I want and look for a very authentic taste. Growing up in a Latin home, I’m used to dishes filled with flavor and that savory feeling of home cooked goodness. Now, I live in New York and, since there is a huge Latin community here, Mexican food is not hard to find. Within my block alone there are three Mexicans restaurants and two Chinese Mexican chains. This is New York City – fusions are very common.

But one thing always seems to be missing at Mexican Restaurants in the city – flavor.

One time, as I was heading home after a 16 hour day, I was starving and wanted to treat myself to something delicious and quick. I’d heard of this restaurant in Sunnyside, Queens called, “Mi Nuevo Rancho” (My New Ranch). I had passed it a few times, but had never taken the time to go inside, so I called and placed an order for a simple combination dish they offered, “Two Soft Tacos with guacamole and Rice and Beans.” I was given a choice of meat, and went with pork, and they even allowed me to substitute for Queso Blanco, a delicious Mexican white cheese.

MiNuevoRancho3My first bite was of the guacamole. It tasted very fresh with just a bit of crunchiness due to the red onion. It was a nice cooling flavor. Next I tried the rice and beans, topped with a little of that Queso Blanco. Excellent! I’ve never had beans that were filled with such an intense and satisfying flavor. Already, I was happy with my new restaurant finding. Then I bit into the pork tacos – they were the best I’ve ever had. The meat was tender even though they had cooked it long enough for it to be a little bit dark on the outside. Clearly it was fried, but not deep fried, because there was no crunchy texture. And yes, there was a little bit of grease, which I feel is a must when having pork. I really felt like I was in a grandmother’s kitchen. And for all of that I only paid $7. Quite a great price for even greater food.

Sometimes finding the best food doesn’t require venturing deep into the bowels of a city or paying for an expensive establishment. It can be right around the comer and with a quick phone call it might be at your door in less than 30 minutes.

Why wait for a long delivery? Because that’s how you know it’s being made fresh, not reheated.

By Jessica Torrico

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