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Sueltate Music Video

For the past few months, Prince Dynasty’s dynamic new track, Sueltatehas been gathering heat. From the barrios of Puerto Rico to the the boroughs of NYC, people everywhere are dancing to the pulsating rhythms and soulful sound of this dangerously dirty pop song.

The lead single from Dynasty’s forthcoming EP, Sueltate takes its name very seriously – Get loose. The beat begs you to do just that, and now, the newly released music video is here to ensure that you do! All of the sensuality and infectious vibrations of the song come together in the Sueltate music video, which captures the mesmerizing presence of Prince Dynasty from the get-go.

Directed by Joshua Ramirez, of Jack Nine Films, the Sueltate music video is a “cinematic expression of life, love, rhythms and passion of a Prince destined to leave a resounding legacy via his musical dynasty.”

So get ready to dance, because this song will leave you feeling the fire of Sueltate in every nerve.

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