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We went crazy over Don Omar’s recently released single, Perdido en Tus Ojos (Lost in Your Eyes) last month. With a killer beat, addicting lyrics, and a great storyline, it’s a song that enters your head and takes root. 

Now, the second single from Don Omar’s upcoming album, The Last Don 2, is getting another makeover with this catchy lyric video. Somehow, the music video captures the spirit of the song, while also giving you all the lyrics, making this the perfect conduit to learning all the words (or karaoke night). Featuring Natti NatashaPerdido en Tus Ojos is an irresistible summer song, and we’re sure that this video will have you singing along in no time.

The Last Don 2 is scheduled to be released mid-summer, and is expected to feature even more collaborations with artists like Daddy Yankee, Plan B, and other Latin stars making appearances.

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