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andypita-calleocho-2011Andres Gabriel Pita well known as “Pita” who formed part of the popular Latin Urban band “Los Primeros” with appearances on MTV’s “My Super Sweet Sixteen’s Show” and performances at Latin GRAMMY street parties, Premios Juventud Pre-party, Billboards pre-party and more. Pita, an entertainer since birth, always enjoyed being the center of attention by impersonating the comedic antics of his favorite actor and comedian Jim Carrey. Although he was an avid baseball player during his high school years, one day he knew he’d be destined to entertain whether it was through acting or singing.

Popular for being a viral sensation on YouTube with multiple Pep Rally Speech video and his hit song “Eslow Motion”, a fan favorite song and video from his musical group Los Primeros (Best Local Pop Band of South Florida – Miami New Times). Even with his success as part of Los Primeros, Pita continues to make his audience laugh with his surprising comedy wherever he goes. Andy Pita is a very driven personality in the entertainment business. Whether it’s performing in front of thousands of people, or making you laugh through his comedy shows or funny videos, Andy Pita is determined to make you laugh, dance, and pee in your pants!

andypita-as-seriousWe had the amazing opportunity to interview the artist himself, and ask him a few questions.

é: You infuse comedy into your music style. I watched your music videos “Macho” and “I’m a Prep” and though the songs are catchy by ear, the videos make the songs that much more interesting. How would you
describe your genre? Do you see yourself more as a musical artist? Comedian? Pep Rally Motivator? Or all the above?

Pita: Yes I love to incorporate comedy into my music, because I really want my audience to be entertained in several ways. The goal is to make everyone laugh, dance, and pee in their pants. And of course a funny song needs a funny video to support it. So I would describe my genre to be “pop comedy”, or it can also be described as a delicious dance smoothie mixed with some Pita humor. I definitely consider myself a comedic musical artist who just so happens to be a Pep Rally Speech Motivator. I love doing it all!

é: You have been described as someone who is “crazy” and “doesn’t care what people think.” Is that how you would describe yourself? If so, does that mentality help you create your comical characters like “Nikon Maryweather” or portraying “Marco Rubio?”

Pita: Hmmm me crazy and not caring about what people think? Yeah that’s pretty accurate. You kinda have to be that way in order to stand out in this business. I’m a hyper active person that’s always on the go and if I had to live my life by caring what people think then I wouldn’t be myself. So when I play the characters such as: “Nikon Maryweather” or “Marco Rubio” I can’t just think about it too much, I just have to do it.

é: As a Latino, how has your background influenced your career choices? Or shaped who you are today?

andypita-as-stu-zippermanPita: Most Latinos love to party and dance. So growing up with that lifestyle has definitely influenced my career choice. Listening to Latin music got me hooked, so that’s why I decided to join the music industry. Also, in most of my comedic Youtube videos, I incorporate a lot of that Latin humor as well. So yes, being Latino has made me who I am today!

é: If there is one thing you would want your fans to know, what would it be?

Pita: I want my fans to know that no matter how far my career takes me, I will never change as a person. I will forever be humble and grateful. THAT’S A PITA PROMISE!

UPCOMING:PITA will be performing at Calle Ocho (on the Telemundo Stage) March 10th, 2013! For those who don’tw, Calle Ocho is the largest Latino street party in the United States breaking the Guniess Book five times! The hottest acts perform, along with over 300 food vendors in Miami, Florida.



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